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Savage Plants is a nursery for plant enthusiasts.  We carry a wide selection and offer many standard and unusual specimen-sized items, as well as smaller sizes for the plant collector.

Our nursery is arranged in stunning vignettes, created by our on staff designers, providing visual inspiration for our customers.  We also have demonstration gardens and hardscape design features incorporated throughout the nursery.  Among these display gardens, we feature; an alpine rockery, a contemporary European potager, a mixed border, and a shade garden around our high-cascade granite falls.


[img src=]44810Cardiocrinum giganteum - Giant Himilayan Lily
[img src=]6950Lily 'Stargazer' - Stargazer Lily
with<br />Coleus 'Kong Rose' - Kong Rose Coleus
[img src=]6630Acer japonicum aconitifolium - Fernleaf Full Moon Maple
[img src=]5570Canna indica 'Phasion' - Tropicanna Canna Lily
with<br />Acanthus mollis - Grecian Pattern Plant<br />Carex flagellifera - Weeping Brown Sedge
[img src=]7390Cestrum newelli 'Elegans' - Cestrum
[img src=]4710Ophiopogon nigrescens - Black Mondo Grass
with<br />Heuchera 'Peach Flambe' - Peach Flambe Coral Bells
[img src=]4340Allium albopilisum - Ornamental Onion
[img src=]3130Acer japonicum 'Rising Sun' - Rising Sun Japanese Maple
[img src=]2990Clematis tangutica - Russian Virgin's Bower
[img src=]2830Clematis
[img src=]2380Acer palmatum 'Aka Shigatatsu Sawa' - Japanese Maple
[img src=]2050Echinacea purpurea x paradoxa 'Big Sky Summer Sky' - Summer Sky Coneflower
[img src=]2910Carex elata 'Bowles Golden' - Bowles Golden Sedge
[img src=]1860Clematis
[img src=]2420Hydrangea anomala 'Petiolaris' - Climbing Hydrangea
[img src=]2880Crocosmia 'Woodside Select' - Woodside Select Montbretia
with <br />Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' - Bronze Fennel
[img src=]2300Echeveria elegens - Mexican Gem
[img src=]2320Acer japonicum 'Vitifolium' - Japanese Maple
[img src=]2060Helleborus x hybridus - Lenten Rose
with<br />Carex flagellifera - Weeping Brown Sedge
[img src=]1880Acer palmatum 'Katsura' - Katsura Japanese Maple
[img src=]1380Peonia delavayi - Maroon Tree Peony
[img src=]1960Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' - Golden Dawn Redwood
[img src=]1410Osteospermum nuanza 'Copper Purple' - Copper Purple African Daisy
[img src=]1950Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' - Flying Dragon Japanese Bitter Orange
[img src=]1720Malus 'Prairie Fire' - Prairie Fire Crabapple
[img src=]1510Lily 'Red Artiste' - Red Artiste Asiatic Lily
[img src=]1570Rosa - Rose
[img src=]1530Syringa vulgaris 'Edward J Gardner' - Edward J Gardner Lilac
[img src=]1480Heuchera 'Peach Flambe' - Peach Flambe Coral Bells
[img src=]1480Geranium renardii 'Phillipe Vapelle' - Phillipe Vapelle Hardy Geranium
[img src=]1450Senecio greyii - Dusty Miller
with<br />Amsonia hubrectii - Arkansas Thread Leaf Blue Star<br />Convolvulus sp. - Morning Glory
[img src=]1580Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' - Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss
[img src=]1850Clematis tangutica - Russian Virgin's Bower
[img src=]1720Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold's Promise' - Arnold's Promise Witch Hazel

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