Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence



September 21 - October 20:  Fall Sale

November 16:  Holiday Open House

December 24 - January 1:  Closed


Here's a selection of great fall color plants

Aka shigitatsu sawa Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Aka shigitatsu sawa'

As the buds first open, the inner bud scales and new leaves are maroon.  When fully opened, the typical leaf has quite dark veins on a light yellow green background.  The entire leaf is strongly over-toned with pink and red, however, which is the striking feature of this cultivar.  This color holds very well into the summer, when the whole leaf darkens somewhat and develops a strong green tone within.  This triple variegation of green-yellow, and pink is quite striking.  The patterning can persist all summer when the tree is partly shaded, but is lost in full sunlight, the leaves becoming light green.  In Autumn, leaves turn a vibrant red.

Anemanthele lessoniana

Pheasant's tail grass

This eyecatching evergreen grass with striking orange foliage forms a large, slightly arching clump that grows up to 3' wide and 3' tall. The graceful stems move with the slightest breeze, hence it's other common name of New Zealand wind grass.

In its native habitat, New Zealand wind grass is a woodland species and, therefore, quite shade tolerant. However, it is also quite tolerant of sunny locations where the foliage will be much more orange than in the shade.Plant in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist while the plant is establishing.

Abundant flowering stems are produced in early summer which arch a few inches above the foliage. Feathery flowers are reddish or purplish-pink when they first open and remain colorful for a few weeks.

Yukon Belle® Pyracantha

Pyracantha angustifolia 'Monon'

Hardy evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub prized for its mid winter color. Abundant white blooms are followed by bright orange berries. Favorite nesting spot for birds. Perfect barrier hedge or screen.

Use of this handsome shrub services primarily as hedging material in areas of difficult climates. It's naturally thorny branches make it a valuable security barrier against intruders and larger animals. Use it for perimeters or as a visual barrier in side yards. Abundance of bright berries are relished by birds so plants serve a valuable role in habitat gardens. Tolerance of shearing allows it to take on a more formal hedge and plants are highly adaptable to flat wall espalier in the traditional French method. Also well suited to gardens of crafters and flower arrangers who use with winter berries for decorating.

Dr. Earth Pot of Gold® All Purpose Potting Soil

Recommended for use in all outdoor and indoor potting and container applications. Pot of Gold® is great for many projects in the garden. In addition to container planting, Pot of Gold® can be used as a soil amendment for in-ground planting: trees, shrubs, bare root planting, flowers and vegetables; mulching; and seed cover. Great for indoor garden production.

Formulated from a fine selection of composted organic materials. Our blend is packed full of the organic materials that help plants become established. We only use: Forest Humus, Fir Bark, Peat Moss, Pumice, Earthworm Casting, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Soybean Meal, MicroActive™ Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera, Yucca Extract, Oyster Shell & Dolomite Limes. We have also included ProBiotic® beneficial soil Microbes plus both Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae.


Mosaic Artist Jeffrey Bale, has been asked by the owners of Hall's Hill Lookout Park, on Bainbridge Island to expand on the labyrinth concept we installed within the park last year.  You can follow the process at Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens.


Stop in November 16 during our Holiday Open House and receive 35% off all holiday decor'. You can also find great gifts for the garden lover tucked in all the displays.


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We hope you enjoyed this Autumn issue of the Savage Gardener. 

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