Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.  ~Lou Erickson



August 17 & 18:  Garden Art Show

August 17: Meet the Winemaker

September 21 - October 20:  Fall Sale


Here are some exciting new plants to look for this year

Emerald Sea Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica 'Emerald Sea'


A new selection with stunning emerald green foliage! Soft and lacy leaves take on an occasional purplish cast. Strong upright habit, with foliage full to the base. Versatile and durable, effective as specimen plant, border or massed for intense color. Evergreen to semi-evergreen. 

Center Glow Ninebark

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Center Glow' P.P.# 16894

Striking newly emerging foliage is bright rosy red with a golden yellow center. Foliage matures to deep burgundy followed by clusters of contrasting white flowers and finally bright red fruit. A great background shrub or informal hedge. Deciduous.

Wild Swan™ Hybrid Anemone

Anemone x 'Macane001' Wild Swan™ P.P.# 23,132, C.O.P.F.

An exceptional new selection, offering prolific flowering from June until frost, surpassing that of the Japanese hybrids! Nodding buds atop tall stems open into pure white flowers with a blue violet reverse. Blooms are held high above deep green foliage. Does not re-seed. Perfect for massing in a woodland setting or spotting into rock gardens. Excellent cut flower. Herbaceous

NocOut Pest Defense

Our NocOut bio-pesticide products are natural and organic, safe, non-toxic alternatives to chemical methods of insect control. Made from cedar oil, nature's very own insect repellent, it has been used for centuries. Both the ancient Egyptians and Greeks soaked papaya leaves in cedar oil to repel insects. During the Bubonic plague, peopled burned cedar to fumigate infected homes. The settlers used cedar sawdust on the floors of their cabins to rid them of countless pests. 

The use of Texas Red Cedar, Juniperus Virginiana, as a totally green non-toxic insecticide was perfected in 2006 by Dr. Ben Oldag at the request of the US Military for a safe alternative to the toxic, ractionary DEET products. The effect products we offer today are a result of these safe, scientific improvements to the natural wonders of cedar oil.

NocOut Insect Repellent Yard Spray

Use NocOut Insect Repellent for all your outdoor areas: decks, patio surfaces, fences, lawn, garden beds; target areas where insects like to congregate such as dark damp nooks. Will leave no toxic pesticide residue, only a pleasant cedar aroma with its natural insect repelling qualities.
Safe for use on all plants except edibles. Avoid spraying plants in temperatures over 80 degrees.  

NocOut Insect Repellent Lotion

NocOut Insect Repellent Lotion takes all the fine qualities of cedar oil to create an organic, chemical-free insect repellent that is pleasant, skin softening, non-staining and highly effective. This DEET-FREE product will stop mosquitoes, fleas, flies, chiggers, no-see-ums, gnats and numerous other pesky insects from coming near you. 


The clients wanted to replace their existing overgrown landscaping with a large new patio for entertaining and for the kids’ play area.  We designed it to make the most of the expansive view of the water, with a large open area and a circular bump-out projecting towards the view.  The material is poured concrete, finished with a mag finish and tooled cut marks on a 4 foot grid.  which gives the look of large stone tiles. The color is created with a buff stain.  The bench was custom made by Washington Precast, to match the radius of the patio. The stain and finish on the bench also match the patio for a unified look. 


John Wood is a writer and photoartist who looks for beauty in the ordinary. Much of his visual work resembles abstract expressionist painting, full of texture and color and defying identification. His work has been called “painting with a camera.” His prints hang in homes and offices in Germany, San Francisco, New York, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Diego, Raleigh, Seattle, Bainbridge Island and Spokane. 

We have some of John's works displayed in our giftshop.

You can also visit loving power and Fine art America to check out some more of his amazing works.


A perfect summer time sipper for any of your large summer gatherings:


Ginger Peach White Sangria

Makes approximately 4 gallons

12 bottles white wine

12 peaches - sliced

1 good sized ginger root - peeled & thinly sliced

1 375 ml bottle of peach nectar

1 375 ml bottle pear brandy


Mix together in large 5 gallon glass jug

Invite all your friends and family over and enjoy!


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