"Green thoughts emerge from some deep source of  stillness which the very fact of winter has released."

-Mirabel Osler 


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Here are some exciting new plants to look for this year

Jade Butterflies Gingko

Gingko biloba 'Jade Butterflies'


A dwarf, vase shaped ginkgo with bright green leaves and lovely gold fall color. Bright yellow flowers appear in mid spring. Its slow growing, dense habit makes it a striking specimen. Prefers full sun. Deciduous.

Northpole Columnade Apple

Malus 'Northpole Columnade' 

Instead of developing horizontal branches like standard apple trees do, these trees form fruit on short spurs that develop along the main trunk.

They fit easily into the smallest gardens; you can plant several along a fence or deck, in a side yard, or even in containers on a sunny porch.

Acer palmatum 'Summer Gold'

Summer Gold  Japanese Maple

 An excellent yellow leaf cultivar introduced several years ago by Fratelli Gilardelli of Milan, Italy.  It develops into a medium upright tree which initially is rather erect; becoming broader as it matures.  What really sets it apart from other yellow leafed cultivars is the distinct yellow color that changes hues as it matures through the spring and summer.  in the beginning, it is soft yellow, brightening up to yellow-gold.  The new growth is darker yellow-orange that stands out against the yellow-gold of the mature leaves.  The autumn color is a wonderful orange-red with the red twigs adding winter interest.  It is widely acknowledged that 'Summer Gold' is the most resistant of the yellow leafed cultivars to direct sunlight and heat.

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At Radius Garden Tools, they believe that truly advanced ergonomic design ignores tradition and uses the most current research into human factors and tool usage. Their Patented, Natural Radius Grip™, maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. Their sleek, multi-functional blades make home and professional gardening easier and more enjoyable. They started by inventing the "Natural Radius Grip" for hand tools, a handle that sets your wrist and hand in a natural, neutral position allowing you to garden more without injury. Next, they perfected the "O" handle that makes longer tools safer and easier to use.


Nothing warms you up from the inside out like a nice Port.

Smith Woodhouse consistently steals the show when it comes to Vintage Ports - they are eagerly sought out by true Port lovers but often are unheralded when amongst the trade's biggest names - that is until the tasting begins.

Smith Woodhouse is a specialist producer of premium quality Ports made primarily from grapes grown in the vineyards of Quinta da Madalena, a small but very good 7 hectare property in the heart of Rio Torto Valley, long recognized as one of the best areas of the Douro.
As a specialist producer, quality takes priority above all else.
Only the best fruit is used, picked by hand and transported in small boxes to ensure the best possible condition of the grapes coming into the winery.

Rigorous selection standards and the low-yielding old vines of the Madalena vineyard combine to ensure that the quantity of Port bottled each year is very limited but of uncompromising quality.


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